Butlers Epoxy Flooring are approved applicators of Aquron 2000, which creates a permanent & impervious hydrogel within the treated concrete. One out of every five flooring projects will experience moisture related failure during the first 12 months of service life. Aquron has conquered these age-old problems. When a floor has moisture problems Aquron will stop the moisture drive allowing installation of any type of covering or coating. In most cases you can cover or coat green concrete in seven days after placement.

AQURON 2000 is formulated to waterproof new and existing concrete structures, while offering a guaranteed moisture control as a treatment for flooring protection allowing for concrete to have flooring and coatings applied. Proven throughout Australia in all conditions.

When applied to concrete AQURON 2000 spray deeply penetrates into concrete by a unique catalyst forming molecular attraction. Once penetrated into concrete, AQURON 2000 stops all moisture migration by forming hydrogel in the porosity of the concrete. AQURON 2000 concrete waterproofing is most cost effective applied as soon the concrete is poured to achieve the ULTIMATE INTERNAL CURING benefits, while WATERPROOFING the concrete in one application.

AQURON 2000 has a proven performance record over the past 17 years or more of waterproofing concrete and extending durability of concrete structures, from eliminating corrosion risks in warm salt water environments of Northern Territory and Queensland, to overcoming freeze-thaw potentials in the freezing and cold environments of Tasmanian mountains. The AQURON ULTIMATE concrete waterproofing solutions stop moisture migration through concrete porosity making it ideal for concrete infrastructure, concrete basements, car park decks, swimming pools, water retaining structures, concrete in corrosive environments and all types of construction.

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