Pool Surrounds Non-Slip

Do you want to avoid segmented pavers and bullnose capping for a pool surround? Then concrete is the simple and cost effective answer.

Variety: There are a variety of options from plain to coloured and patterned to polished all with a non-slip surface. The variety is endless and there is definitely the perfect option for your pool.

Fall to Drain: Concrete allows for the perfect fall of pool and rain water to go exactly where it should go. We can install subtle collection drain (or drains) and send the pool overflow to a point that will not be affected by chlorinated water.

Durability: We guarantee our work. We are well aware that there can often be a considerable amount of water in the ground under the concrete that can cause subsidence if the job is not done correctly. This can be avoided by the correct sub-structure being installed before the concrete is laid. By doing so, your concrete will always look great without drops and cracks appearing and spoiling the overall appeal of the pool surround.

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