Concrete footings play an integral part of your floors and overall building construction. Our team have the skills and experience to construct the foundation or floor of your new building project from start to finish, from excavating the site to pouring the concrete.

Any area larger than a shed would benefit from having concrete footings to ensure stability for any structure that is to be built on top of the concrete slab.

Laying the foundation is a critical part of every build. At Concrete Gold Coast, we offer full-service foundation construction and work with your builders and owners to ensure a stress-free base construction.

The advantage of having the foundation footing integral with the slab was that less formwork was required as the edge thickening is cast with a 45° slope at the junction of the underside of the slab and the footing.

Foundation footings have the same requirements for size, depth and reinforcement as the foundation footings for suspended timber floors. The height of the finished floor level is typically a minimum 150 mm above the level of permanent paving and 225 mm above the level of unprotected ground.

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