Anti-Slip Concrete

Anti-Slip concrete is not only a product required around pool areas, it can become a safety feature on pathways, driveways and patios. In fact, anywhere that is likely to get wet. There are a few options of choice for this finish

  1. if you are having new concrete laid, it can be brushed before setting 
  2. most decorative finishes can be non-slip to whatever level you require 
  3. for existing concrete, we can apply a non-slip coating

Non slip surfaces are extremely durable and not only a must in commercial and industrial applications, but a popular surface coating wherever there is the possibility of water. 

There are a few more things to consider before determining what you require. Such as, are you looking for the non-slip as a waterproofing option or purely aesthetic and the importance of surface preparation.

We are aware of all requirements and can assist with every aspect from start to finish.

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